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Mental Health

TQEH: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Service is a major public teaching hospital which provides a comprehensive range of specialist and diagnostic treatment services to a population base of approximately 250,000 people, living primarily in the western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. The State Premier recently announced over $120 million for the ongoing redevelopment of the hospital and it’s associated services.

Mental health service: The Division of Mental Health includes South Australia’s newest inpatient facility, Cramond Clinic and two well-established community sites with a range of multi-disciplinary teams. 

Cramond Clinic is a 40-bed inpatient unit which includes a 5 bed psychiatric high dependency unit.  The ward has co-located consulting rooms for medical staff. A state of the art ECT suite is attached to Cramond.

Recently the Emergency Department has been strengthened by the addition of a psychiatry mini-team.  The Division has a strong Consultation-Liaison service with special interest in neurology, perinatal and renal disorders.

Community sites are located at Woodville and Port Adelaide.  Teams for various emergency, ongoing care and rehabilitation functions work from these sites.  A specialist anxiety disorders unit is based at the Woodville site.  

Academic and teaching opportunities: The Division is linked to the University of Adelaide, one of Australia’s oldest tertiary institutions. A full Professor based at the hospital-site has an international reputation in anxiety disorders. Staff have the opportunity to develop an active research career in their area of interest in conjunction with an established academic program.

Lifestyle: Adelaide is an affordable, safe and friendly place in which to live and learn. In a recent world-wide survey on the cost of living in cities, The Economist magazine funny pictures rated Adelaide as the least expensive mainland capital city in Australia.

The average house price is less than half that paid in Sydney and hence Adelaide residents spend nearly 10% less of their family income on loan repayments [AMP/REIA survey]. The city has an excellent range of public and independent schools.  Adelaide is generally regarded as one of Australia's most attractive cities and one of the best planned in the world. Access to the city centre and between suburbs is remarkably free of congestion. New Yorker Magazine called it “possibly the last well-planned and contented metropolis on earth”.

For further information on the Division please contact the Clinical Director, Dr Jorg Stroebel through the hospital switchboard on (08) 8222 6000

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